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Crew Change Services is the first and largest service section that we currently perform. For the past 14 years (2009-2023), we have learnt & understood every nook & cranny of the trade especially in the immigration / customs documents declaration section. We offer various forms of support to ship owners to ensure crew welfare is kept at utmost importance. Support examples such as: medical assistance, communication, cash to master & OK-to-Board Letters.
To ensure service time is accurate, we own shuttle vans with in-house drivers for crew transportation services from Port to Hotel / Port to Airport / Hotel to Airport and vice versa. Crew’s safe arrival, safety & safe departure is a commodity for this business to ensure ships move on time. We offer various accommodation choices that fits your budget & we are flexible to work with your requirements.
Due to the current covid outbreak, elaborate documentation is necessary and worry not as we are here to perform them for you. Safety & Security of crew members are well controlled as we perform Covid Test Screening for all crew members.
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Crew Change Services


Embarking & Disembarking of Crew


Crew Transport Services (Port/ Hotel/ Airport)


Documents Prep for Sign-In & Sign-Off


Crew Health Screening – Ex. Covid Screening


Airport Pickup Service


Crew Change Arrangement


OK to Board Letters